Senior System Engineer

  • Responsible for all SKA-Mid systems engineering elements of design and development through to integration, test & verification.
  • Co-ordinate all the systems engineering activities and interfaces across all the SKA-Mid elements, ensuring compliance with requirements.
  • Lead the definition of architectures and solutions derived from vague or abstract requirements.
  • Responsible for the baselines and design configuration of the company responsible SKA-Mid elements, including leading and managing engineering changes to the baselines.
  • Provide ┬┤field engineering services for telescopes and sub-systems to aid in fault diagnostics and rectification
  • Review and integrate multiple activity reports into system level analysis and reports to ensure quality and integrity of results and recommendations within uncertain contexts.
  • Coach or mentor up to 5 young engineers in the field of engineering and specifically systems engineering.
  • Use experience to employ innovative and unique methods and techniques to improve the efficiency and integrity of the systems engineering outcomes.
  • Advance the maturity of systems and products through application of recognised engineering competence and skills.
  • Provide systems engineering support across multiple domains, teams and on multiple products, subsystems and systems.
  • Contribute to- and advance- organisational maturity through leading the development and implementation of engineering processes within his/her realm of responsibility.
  • Contribute to strategic leadership within Programme(s) and company through experience-based inputs and conceptual/ strategic thinking.


  • Tech (Eng) with 13+ years RELEVANT experience; OR
  • Eng/B.Sc (Eng) with 9+ years RELEVANT experience; OR
  • Eng/M.Sc (Eng) with 7+ years RELEVANT experience; OR
  • PhD/D.Eng with 5+ years RELEVANT experience.
  • Meet the requirements for registration with ECSA as PrEng.

Desired Skills:

  • communication
  • information technology
  • engineering

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