As next-generation financial services platform Mukuru marks the major milestone of being in business for 20 years, FCX Intelligence announces it has made the list of Top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies for the fifth successive year.

FXC Intelligence founder and CEO Daniel Webber says: “Mukuru’s presence among the Cross-Border Payments 100 for five consecutive years underscores its dedication to providing innovative financial solutions across borders. Its commitment to leveraging technology and fostering financial inclusion has positioned it as a key player in the industry, recognised by FXC Intelligence for its impactful contributions.”

Mukuru’s CEO Andy Jury says the recognition is validation of the business’s customer-centric and solution-oriented approach. “It is humbling to be recognised in the company of many esteemed businesses that have been in existence far longer than us.

“These businesses have transformed the financial services landscape globally. It is testimony to the hard work we have put in collectively, which we call the orange energy coursing through our veins – a metaphor for the passion to grow and deliver value to our customers.”

Jury adds that Mukuru is not static and in its 20th year will continue striving towards reaching more customers in more markets. “While the recognition is great validation of our approach and vision, we really feel that we have only scratched the surface and our work is still in its infancy. Our orientation is to continue to focus on how we can scale our business, how we can solve problems for our customers, and how we can partner with many of the other esteemed businesses named on the top-100 list to continue to improve the lives of our customers.”