South African technology solutions provider, Saicom will be white labelling its Mobile APN solution.

“Mobile APNs are no longer just a trend. They’ve become a business imperative in our increasingly connected business landscape,” says Greg de Chasteauneuf, chief technology offcer at Saicom. “Considering the rapid growth of mobile data usage and the challenges faced by businesses today, it’s clear that having access to a Mobile APN solution not only solves the challenges associated with managing mobile data, but also improves control and saves money. We believe it is an immediate necessity.”

The decision comes as Saicom records a significant 100% increase over the past 12 months, with a substantial uptick in Mobile APN adoption.

Ivor Kettles, CEO Intercape Mainliner, comments about selling Saicom’s Mobile APN solution. “From a management platform perspective, there’s nothing else like it available. Network reliability is consistent, and the centralised approach means no more wasted data or device mismanagement.”

Saicom’s Mobile APN provides a dedicated data highway that bypasses public network congestion. It empowers businesses with the tools to integrate VPNs, synchronise with existing IT infrastructure and ensure comprehensive data security. The solution also offers transparency in mobile data usage, helping businesses optimise resources and reduce wastage.

Additionally, Saicom’s white label initiative aims to empower more service providers with the ability to offer this solution to their customers, broadening its reach and providing more businesses the chance to optimise their mobile data ecosystem, secure their mobile environments and have greater control of how mobile data is being used.