The General Manager is a key function within Axiz, and this role is a link to the senior leadership team. The person will be required to formulate a subjectively assessed plan that demonstrates cross company or silo-based adoption of Digital/Marketplace/Cloud and Services implementation transformation (in line with company strategy). In addition, the General Manager is to ensure that all our contractual obligations to the vendor are upheld and enforced across the business.
This role will include the success of the business unit measured by financial performance data and will include the management and motivation of team members to achieve the company’s financial budget and market share objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

Business Development

  • Gather market research and market intelligence from the Axiz

sales force and other sources.

  • Develop solutions where required (product and technology


  • Give input to the product division for new products and go to

market strategies.

  • Specific to new products in their early phase of roll-out:

Support Axiz sales team and product managers with product info to sell and input marketing materials for lead generation and sales demand.
Give input into pricing and margins.
Accountable for overall reporting to the vendors,including forecasting and sales out and inventory reports where applicable.

Product Planning

  • Market research and intelligence to determine viable go to market.

  • Idea screening, for activities, events, and demand generation to support Product Marketing and vendor strategy.

  • Analysis of business and technology requirements and processes to drive optimal performance.

  • Idea screening, for activities, events, and demand generation to support Product Marketing and vendor strategy.

  • Analysis of business and technology requirements and

processes to drive optimal performance.

  • Provide input to product marketing with respect to press releases encouraging thought leadership to align to vendor strategy.

  • Maximize the vendor market development funding (MDF)in line with vendor guidelines including compliance and governance.

Financial Acumen

  • Assist in the framework of company annual budgets to align that to resources and action plans.

  • Business unit performance to budget mapped against sales performance to determine best course of action.

  • Cost per head evaluation of resources to determine the most favorable business outcome.

  • Ability to align commissions to financial performance of the business unit and the company.

Channel Development

  • Identify suitable channel partners per product and service to drive partner engagement plan with BDMs to drive vendor and Axiz strategies.

  • Ongoing partner gap analysis by region by country by product is set to drive the vendor strategy across the channel.

  • Ensure that the correct resources are available in the business unit to drive technical, sales and marketing services to the channel (enablement)

  • Drive engagement of key partner accounts to key resources at Axiz to ensure we have adequate coverage within the partner.


  • Produce coherent and integral plans including the drivers such as: budgets, resources, vendor strategies and marketing on an annual, half year and quarterly basis using systems,processes, templates, quality expectations, timelines and best practices of the organization and our partners and vendors.

  • The plans must clearly describe what is required to be done inside each business unit to ensure that budget and organizational targets are met as well as what success will look like. This will include all business unit staff key performance indicators (KPI) and related total salary packages becoming the map for the Business Unit to navigate, be guided, and rewarded through the financial year.

Management of Execution

  • Translate their plans into a set of actions that must be done such as targets and building a competent and motivated team to execute.

  • The manager must ensure that all the business unit’s activities comply with all governance, and are ethical, in line with the organization’s code of conduct.

Data Management and Reporting

  • Constantly absorb, analyze, and reflect the data that signals them to ascertain the health and alignment of the business unit. The company produces reports which all managers

must scrutinize daily and create a closed loop between the data, the plan and execution.

  • Spot the anomalies and risk and when this deviation is evident, managers must assess them and make process improvements and changes.

  • Must ensure that all valuable data in the business unit is recorded, analyzed, and timeously reported back to the organization.

  • The managers’ responsibility spans outside of the business unit and interfaces with finance, logistics, human capital, marketing, operations, vendors, partners, and customers at Axiz.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience:

  • Diploma or bachelor’s degree in business management or similar tertiary qualification

  • Minimum 4 years product / sales experience in the IT industry

  • Product marketing and product management experience preferable

Behavioral Requirements:

  • An understanding of working with / through channel to drive revenue and targeted market growth.

  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

  • Comfortable presentation to and meeting with senior management.
  • A high level of perseverance

Additional Requirements:

  • Applicants must have no criminal record.
  • Must have own transport and valid driver’s license.

Desired Skills:

  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Channel Development
  • Finance

About The Employer:

Our commitment to our stakeholders is to be the best and most successful distributor in our region. We strive towards this goal by being the most valued channel for our partners and by contributing to the growth and profitability of our shareholders, staff, vendors, channel partners and their [URL Removed] is an equal opportunity employer, and this position will be filled in accordance with our current Employment Equity practices.

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