Resellers of H100 GPUs are earning profits three times the market price, according to new data from Stocklytics.

“The emergence of scalping bots – sophisticated software programs designed to purchase limited-stock items online automatically – tilts the scales in favour of resellers and leaves genuine consumers empty-handed,” says Edith Reads, financial analyst at Stocklytics.

“The scarcity of H100 GPUs relative to their demand has led to increased prices,” Reads adds. “Some sellers have exploited this shortage to maximise their profits at buyers’ expense. While it costs an estimated $3 320 to produce an H100 GPU, they are sold on average for $30 000.

“Recent data shows that eBay listings are reaching $45 000,” Reads says. “Moreover, the highest completed sale price hit a remarkable $97 835. These numbers clearly indicate that most H100 GPU resellers are making profits three times higher than the manufacturer’s suggested prices on prominent platforms.”