TelkomLearn is a new digital learning platform poised to transform access to premium educational resources. The platform provides quality courses through accredited partners.

TelkomLearn offers a comprehensive suite of digital learning resources, aggregating credible digital education providers.

Telkom partnered with leading institutions and credible experts to give South Africans access to a wide range of quality courses designed to equip them with in-demand skills. Each course provides practical, relevant and accessible learning to increase knowledge and skills for a successful career.

“Empowering every parent and learner is the cornerstone of TelkomLearn. We perceive this platform as an indispensable ally for parents nurturing young minds,” says Dr Mmaki Jantjies, group executive for innovation and transformation at Telkom.

“Our basic education module encompasses daily interactive sessions led by proficient tutors and gamified revision courses. Transitioning to higher education, users can explore a plethora of courses offered by esteemed partners. Moreover, the platform extends access to auxiliary resources such as bursaries, mental health support, and career opportunities, ensuring a holistic educational journey.”

TelkomLearn bridges geographical divides, so parents and learners can leverage TelkomLearn to equip themselves with the tools they need for success in today’s digital world wherever they are.

As part of the TelkomLearn launch campaign, students have the chance to win up to R50 000 worth of prizes upon completing courses. In addition, Further Education and Training (FET) Institutions with over 100 course completions stand a chance to share in an R150 000 grand prize pool, rewarding exceptional engagement.

The platform can be accessed here: