Just 100 days after deploying the Vumacam SafeCity cameras the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) says the project has already made a substantial impact in combatting criminal activities across the province.

Since its inception in February, the number of interceptions, impounded vehicles and arrests has increased on average by 10% each month from February to May.

The surveillance system has been instrumental in dispatching vehicles to investigate crimes in progress a total of 2 056 times, resulting in a remarkable 10,65% intervention rate. The proactive approach has targeted suspects and vehicles involved in a range of criminal activities, including theft, armed robbery, fraud, and public violence.

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi says: “This project’s success is extremely encouraging. The capture of individuals engaged in criminal activities such as armed robbery, vehicle hijackings, assault, robbery, and fraud demonstrates the tangible impact of this initiative. We commend all those involved in intercepting the criminals detected through this technology.”

Michael Varney, chief commercial officer for Vumacam, comments: “The GPG surveillance project, after 100 days in action, has shown remarkable efficacy in combating crime. Ongoing training in the GPG monitoring room has contributed to increased successes week on week.

“The alerts from Vumacam SafeCity cameras have led to the interception of criminals and vehicles involved in criminal activities, thereby preventing further crimes from occurring. Our work with GPG is testament to the power of technology to unlock the crime fighting potential of public/private partnerships.”

The successful interceptions are attributed to the collaborative efforts of various law enforcement entities, including the South African Police Service (SAPS), SAPS undercover units, traffic officers, and private security companies.