Mozilla Firefox is the latest partner to incorporate Nvidia RTX Video, a technology that uses AI to improve video quality on Windows PCs and workstations.

The browser’s latest release taps local Nvidia RTX GPUs to make streaming and video better than ever.

First announced at CES in January 2023, RTX Video is a collection of AI video enhancements that improve the quality of videos played on browsers through platforms like YouTube, Prime Video and Disney+.

The technology makes videos streamed on Nvidia GeForce RTX-powered PCs and RTX-powered workstations appear sharper and more detailed without requiring a higher-resolution source.

RTX Video is made up of two parts. RTX Video Super Resolution upscales low-resolution video for cleaner, crisper imagery. It works by analysing the lower-resolution video and using deep learning to predict what the higher-resolution version should look like.

The algorithm then combines this predicted image with a traditionally upscaled version to reduce or eliminate compression artifacts and sharpen the final output.

RTX Video HDR goes one step further: when enabled, it analyses standard dynamic range (SDR) video content through AI neural networks to add high-dynamic range (HDR) information, improving visibility, details and vibrancy.

Mozilla Firefox now supports RTX Video Super Resolution and HDR in its latest stable version (v126).

“Video is a core pillar of the modern web, and we are committed to delivering a great experience for our users,” says Bobby Holley, chief technology officer of Firefox at Mozilla. “Mozilla is integrating RTX Video into Firefox to improve video quality for our users with compatible GPUs.”