Assist to Manage applications throughout their lifecycle – implementation, remediation patches, upgrades, and maintenance.
· Assist to Manage the application-related aspects of designing, testing, operating and improving IT services.
· Develop and maintain expertise in application functionality and related business processes and workflows
· Provide efficient and effective support of applications including continued development of the application and security, software patches,
reliability, disaster recovery and ensure the applica on meets the business needs.
· to meet business objectives, Service Level and Operational Level Agreements (SLAs and OLAs), and to guide IT teams (development, testing,
opera ons) in managing applica ons.
· Providing application support to business users and other stakeholders in the organization.
· Maintaining correct and current application documentation and making it available to application users including training material.
· Ensuring that impact to business operations because of upgrades and maintenance activities is minimized.
· Overseeing application implementation and configuration, patches, upgrades and maintenance, and ensuring that application performance
meets agreed SLAs and OLAs.
· Develop and maintain knowledge in application functionality, user workflow, and business processes.
· Develop sufficient knowledge of application infrastructure (server, network, security) to assist with application upgrades and troubleshoot
· Compile and maintain inventory of applications and related details.
· Manage and provide support for software and applications as per the service level agreement.
· Develop the skills required to operate and maintain the applicable applications.
· Develop and maintain expertise in application functionality, user workflow, and business processes.
· Receive and screen user programming requests for new applications or modifications, and determine appropriate priority and response.
· Coordinate feasibility studies for software applications being considered for purchase, and provide recommendations based on findings.
· Act as a liaison between business stakeholders and IT
· Assist with specifications and / or application upgrades.
· Evaluate and recommend changes to current and future application requirements to meet the organization’s needs.
· Prepare assessments for proposed applications, projects, and define appropriate integration and access requirements.
· Maintain awareness of application risks and opportunities for improvement.
· Identify and recommend application improvement to enhance capability and performance, and minimize costs.
· Ensure that application users are aware of the application capabilities for enabling their effective use.
· Assess vendor / Regulatory proposals for appropriateness and compliance with organization and industry standards.
· Participate in development of Requests for Proposals (RFP) and vendor evaluation for IT applications services.
· Maintain the team repository of applications.
· Help diagnose problems and resolve incidents / issues related to applications.
· Validate the known error database for application-related entries.
· Work with IT operations management in defining the operational activities related to the applications.
Plan & Organise
· Enhance methods and procedures for collecting, analysing, and documenting application issues, and completing user change requests.
· Enhance IT processes for transitioning completed configurations from development to production.
· Define and maintain application assessment, development, and support standards, and work with other IT and business stakeholders to
establish configura on and use guidelines.
· Provide inputs to availability and capacity management process for effective planning.
· Assist in definition of Event Management standards. Also design the applications for the generation of meaningful events.
Acquire & Implement
· Define and implement application support processes including monitoring, and incident, problem management.
Monitor & Evaluate
· Monitor application modification requests and ensure best practices are being utilised.
· Conduct diagnostic investigations of program errors, and implement or recommend solutions or methodologies for resolution.
· Maintain metrics of operational performance and evaluate trends.
· Analyse business systems to determine effectiveness, identify inadequacies, inefficiencies and problems and recommend solutions.

Desired Skills:

  • Payment Industry
  • Computer Literate
  • Banking Experience
  • Technical Support
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Presentation Skills
  • Technical Knowledge
  • SQL
  • Process Understanding

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years Banking

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

Client is based in the financial services sector.

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