The proliferation of edge computing use cases has shifted critical equipment and data from the protected confines of the data centre to more demanding environments where heat, humidity, air quality, and physical security are significant challenges.

Recognising this new reality, Vertiv has introduced the Vertiv SmartCabinet ID, an all-in-one, fully sealed single-rack enclosure that delivers cooling, power, and environmental protection for applications at the network edge.

The SmartCabinet ID is available in North America and in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with multiple rack sizes and cooling capacity options, including 24U and 42U racks, and 3.5 kW and 7.0 kW of cooling capacity.

The sealed SmartCabinet ID solution protects the enclosed IT equipment against dirt, dust, and fluctuating temperatures typical of warehouses, factory floors, and other common edge locations, and is IP54-rated for water-resistance, providing protection in case of indoor sprinkler system activation. Integrated emergency fans also provide backup cooling in the event of a power outage or a primary cooling module failure.

A built-in touchscreen display with communication capabilities enables local or remote monitoring and control of key components, while alarms and notifications for local and remote users can be customised to alert to out-of-spec ambient conditions. Optional electronic locks can be provided on the front and rear doors, with the ability to track access and customise for authorised users.

The SmartCabinet ID addresses another challenge common to sites at the edge of the network by maximising space utilisation, a core principle of its design. Both its integrated cooling solution and the power management block, which provides power to the cooling, display, emergency fans and sensors, use zero U-space in the rack, preserving valuable space for servers and other IT equipment.

Vertiv also offers a full suite of services for the Vertiv SmartCabinet ID, including installation and startup, preventative maintenance contracts and extended warranties, providing seamless deployments and peace-of-mind for IT deployed in harsh conditions. It is also compatible with Vertiv’s compact rack-mount uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, such as the VertivTM Liebert(r) GXT5 and Vertiv Liebert GXT5 Lithium Ion, which provide power outage protection and continuous power conditioning.

“Edge compute sites such as those found in industrial, logistic and commercial environments directly enable business-critical applications, but the IT organisations responsible for their performance can be challenged to maintain the service levels commonly delivered within traditional data centre facilities,” said Alex Pope, vice president of global edge systems at Vertiv.

“The SmartCabinet ID was designed specifically to address the physical security risks and demanding environments of many edge sites, in addition to power and cooling at the capacities needed in these spaces.”

The SmartCabinet ID can be viewed virtually via the Vertiv XR app, an augmented reality experience that is downloaded to a mobile or tablet device. Vertiv XR app allows the user to visualise the solution in their own space and explore features and details from every angle.