Lenovo’s range of Legion gear has firmly established itself as one of the top choices for gamers looking to seriously up their game. Two new Legion gaming laptops are now set to light up the local gaming scene and are now available from official Lenovo distributor in South Africa, DCC Technologies.

Gamers looking to tap top performance from a gaming laptop should set their sights firmly on Lenovo’s Legion Pro 7. However, those who need a gaming laptop that is also highly portable – without sacrificing performance – will do well to focus on the Legion Slim 7i.

When it comes to the ultimate gaming experience, the Lenovo Legion Pro 7 certainly sets the standard. Onboard you will find the 13th Generation Intel Core i9-13900HX (5.40 GHz, 24 Cores) processor that teams up with the stunning Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 (12GB GDDR6) graphics card. Combined it produces not only blistering fast performance but lifelike virtual worlds with ray tracing and ultra-high FPS gaming with the lowest latency – just what every gamer desires. This is further helped along with a massive 32 GB of DDR5 RAM.

The Lenovo Legion Slim 7i is not your conventional gaming laptop. In a body that is under 20mm thick and weighs only about 2kg, you have a highly portable machine which provides the gaming performance you need to stay ahead of the pack. Inside this aluminium and magnesium machine the heavy lifting is done by Intel’s Core i9-13900H (5.40 GHz, 14 Cores) processor racing next to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4070 (8GB, GDDR6) graphics card. Furthermore, a solid 32 GB of DDR5 RAM drives day-to-day tasks.

As the first company to do so, Lenovo is incorporating dedicated artificial intelligence chips in their gaming laptop range, with the Pro 7 and Slim 7i sporting Legion AI Engine+ for optimised gaming. It deploys a Smart Engine to optimally tune system performance when you need it most, plus it gets better over time as it learns more.

Doing duty on these is Lenovo’s pin sharp PureSight 16-inch IPS 16:10 gaming display, which is a treat to play on, complete with 2560×1600 pixels resolution, Dolby Vision, a 240Hz refresh rate, 500 nits of brightness and a DisplayHDR 400 rating.

Lenovo notes the Legion Pro 7 contains the largest battery they can legally put into a laptop – a 99.99Whr big boy with Super Rapid Charge with 140W USB-C charging; surprisingly, this battery is also found on the Slim 7i. This is certainly a boon for local gamers looking to play on during load shedding or need the machine to perform on the road.

All units furthermore offer Legion TrueStrike full-sized gaming keyboards, Nahimic by SteelSeries audio for 3D audio and crystal-clear communication, plus cutting-edge Tobii Horizon gearless head tracking software.

Legion Coldfront 5.0 thermal technology ensures that all heat issues are kept firmly under control even under the most strenuous gaming conditions. It is also AI-augmented, so your machine’s performance is ensured never mind which power-intensive games you are playing.

“Gamers are highly demanding when it comes to hardware, with Lenovo’s Legion range proving time and time again they can meet the challenge,” says Brandon Waison, Lenovo consumer product specialist at DCC Technologies. “With the Legion Pro 7 and Slim 7i notebooks, gamers have a choice between top performance, decent price and excellent gaming complete in a slim and light body. All from a trusted brand which now also incorporates AI-chips in their notebooks to ensure the best performance.”