Design, build, and implement integration solutions that connect various software applications, systems, and databases within an organisation and ensure seamless data exchange and communication between different IT systems meeting the business requirements as well as improving overall efficiency and productivity.


• Requirements gathering – through engagement with business i.e., collect, document and review the business requirements.
• Integration design – design integration solutions that meet business requirements, taking into consideration the design attributes such as scalability, reliability and performance.
• Integration patterns and architecture – select and apply relevant and best practices integration patterns.
• Integration development – develop complex integration solutions applying various integration techniques and development languages
• Agile development methodologies – develop solutions following the agile delivery and continuous integration deployment
• Testing and Quality assurance –define, develop and execute integration test plans as well as ensuring good quality code development
• Security – design secured integration solutions and applying relevant security best practices
• Technical writing – develop and maintain comprehensive technical documentation, specifications and related technical specifications
• Project management – plan, organise and manage complex system integration projects within specified time and budget constraints
• Data Governance – understanding of data governance principles and implement data governance processes and policies to ensure data integrity and security.
• Mentoring – guiding and supporting junior resources on data related tasks

• A relevant ICT degree or equivalent qualification
• Requirements gathering – minimum five (6) year experience
• Integration design – minimum five (6) year experience
• Integration patterns and architecture – minimum five (6) year experience
• Integration development – minimum five (6) year experience in integration development using techniques and tools/ languages, such as C#, JavaScripting, web services, REST APIs, JSON, XML, API management platforms
• Agile development methodologies – minimum three (3) year experience operating in an agile delivery methodology
• Testing and Quality assurance – minimum three (3) year experience
• Security – minimum two (2) year experience
• Technical writing – minimum three (3) year experience
• Project management – minimum three (3) experience operating within an agile project management environments
• Data Governance – knowledge of data governance principles and policies.
• Mentoring – experience in mentoring junior resources
• Knowledge of infrastructure, networks and database management system is an advantage
• Working experience in developing cloud based integration solutions in Azure cloud environments is an advantage

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