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Wrorld Unseen exhibition a first for Africa

A key highlight of Canon’s participation is the debut of its ‘World Unseen’ campaign in Africa. This is a unique photography exhibition designed to enable people with sight loss to better engage with the visual world. It also challenges sighted individuals to see imagery through different lenses.

The ‘World Unseen’ campaign is a groundbreaking initiative that embodies Canon’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in the creative arts field. By offering a sensory-rich experience, we aim to change how both sighted and visually impaired individuals engage with photography, making it an immersive and inclusive art form.

The exclusive unveiling of the “World Unseen” exhibition at GITEX, led by Rashad Ghani, B2C Business Unit Director & Amine Djouahra, B2B Business Unit Director at Canon Central & North Africa, was inaugurated by Aawatif Hayar, Minister of Solidarity, Social Inclusion, and Family, alongside Hamid Nabil, the first blind Moroccan student to earn a Ph.D.

Aawatif Hayar, Minister of Solidarity, Social Inclusion, and Family in Morocco, highlighted the importance of the exhibition with the following statement: “It is an immense honor to be here today at the launch of Canon’s World Unseen photography exhibition. This groundbreaking event marks a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and reshaping how we perceive the world, particularly for those with sight loss.

“By providing visually impaired and partially sighted individuals with an opportunity to engage with photography through elevated prints, audio descriptions, soundscapes, and braille, Canon is not only making art accessible but also challenging societal perceptions.

“This exhibition exemplifies how, by adapting our surroundings and approaches, we can remove barriers and empower everyone to participate fully in life. It invites us all to experience images from a different perspective, fostering empathy and understanding, and it stands as a testament to the profound impact that art and technology can have on personal development and social inclusion.”

The campaign believes that photography is an incredibly powerful medium that can push the imagination. It is designed for everyone- blind, partially sighted, and sighted – by transforming how we all experience photography. This exhibition features works from world-renowned photographers and Canon ambassadors Muhammed Muheisen and Yagazie Emezi, from the MENA region. Visitors will experience photography through elevated prints, audio descriptions, soundscapes, and braille for a tactile connection with the powerful images and stories they tell.

According to WHO data, 2.2 billion people have some form of visual impairment globally, which puts up barriers to appreciating photography. The ‘World Unseen’ exhibition removes these barriers by offering a unique, accessible, and immersive way to experience and enjoy photography.