Senior NOC (Network Operations Centre) Engineer

  1. Field Teams:

– Monitor Field Team groups for escalations and assistancerequests, including switch renaming, device connection issues,and bespoke requests.

  1. PRTG Monitoring:- Frequent monitoring of PRTG during shifts to identify offlinesites/sectors.- Alert the Internal NOC group of any offline sites/sectors at thestart and end of shifts.- Utilize PRTG to identify frequent sector issues and addproblematic customers for connection tracking (PING,TRAFFIC, UPTIME).- Update PRTG with missing or incorrect sector details.
    1. Escalations:- Escalate down, flapping, or restoring sites to the Internal NOCand Tower Down group, unless instructed otherwise or unsureof the outage reason.- Assist Area Managers by addressing specific client issues,even if not through APEX, based on direct contact with theclient.
    1. APEX Support:
  2. Provide assistance on Apex with complex issues escalatedfrom Senior engineers related to network quality, VPN, VoIP, orcloud-related faults raised by customers.
  3. Nodes:- Alert on nodes experiencing low capacity or high clientsaturation.- Migrate clients to sectors with available capacity andcollaborate with mast engineers to plan and implement newsectors.- Proactively monitor and plan node capacities, ensuringsufficient capacity with the mast teams.

  4. Requirements: 3-4 years in a NOC role and a 1 network qualification- Experience with Ubiquiti, cambium or related wireless vendors.
    Good understanding on IP networking, basic dynamic routing protocolsand ISP design [URL Removed] understanding of PtMP wireless technologies, 5ghz and 2ghzapplications
    Network Topology:
    o Thorough understanding of the entire network topology,including access and core networks.
    o Awareness of the impact of failures across link capacity,upstream, and downstream nodes.
    Escalation Management:
    o Ability to handle escalations in the absence of the NOC Manager.
    o Proficiency in managing mast team escalations and responses.
    Node Failures:
    Network Proficiency:
    o Quick detection of node failures and ability to provide adetailed explanation of the impact and cause.
    o In depth knowledge of standard network practices at the CCNP level of networking.

Desired Skills:

  • APEX
  • Ubiquiti
  • cambium
  • CCNP
  • escalations
  • PRTG

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years Systems / Network Administration

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

About The Employer:

Home-grown tech company that builds services enabling affordable internet access to Ekasi.

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