Qlik has unveiled Qlik Talend Cloud and Qlik Answers at its flagship annual event, Qlik Connect.

The new solutions will accelerate enterprise AI adoption, with Qlik Talend Cloud delivering no-code to pro-code, AI-augmented data integration capabilities, and Qlik Answers offering AI-generated answers with full explainability from unstructured data.

Together, they represent Qlik’s commitment to providing comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to leverage AI technology for competitive advantage.

Qlik Talend Cloud provides comprehensive data integration with extensive quality and governance capabilities, crucial for maintaining data integrity in AI operations. Built on Qlik Cloud Infrastructure, it ensures seamless integration for Qlik Analytics customers. Qlik Answers offers an efficient pathway to leverage unstructured data, incorporated into workflows the Qlik users are accustomed to.

“Qlik is accelerating AI’s business value with the launch of Qlik Talend Cloud and Qlik Answers,” says Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik. “These innovations position us to meet market opportunity for end-to-end, technology-agnostic AI solutions. Thanks to our well-placed investments, extensive R&D, and deep partnerships, we provide a seamless, scalable path for enterprises to adopt AI, backed by Qlik’s incredible customer success track record.”

These new solutions include:

* Qlik Talend Cloud: A comprehensive, integrated platform evolving from Qlik’s 2023 acquisition of Talend, introducing new capabilities such as data products for faster, quality-assured data curation and a dynamic data marketplace to enhance the delivery of domain-specific data across the organisation. It offers modern data engineering tools with a spectrum of powerful transformation capabilities from no-code to pro-code options, creating trusted AI-ready data for complex AI projects. The platform’s unified packaging and pricing ensure affordability, while its Qlik Talend Trust Score for AI assesses data health, setting a new standard in AI readiness. The solution incorporates Stitch’s SaaS data connectivity, enhancing its capability to handle diverse data sources efficiently.

* Qlik Answers: An out-of-the-box, generative AI-powered knowledge assistant that transforms how businesses access and utilise unstructured data. It delivers reliable, personalised answers from companies’ private, curated sources such as knowledge libraries and document repositories, ensuring instant, relevant insights. Fully plug-and-play and self-service, it integrates seamlessly into existing systems, enabling workers to make informed decisions in real-time. With full explainability, users know the origin of answers, maintaining trust and transparency. Qlik Answers offers enhanced security and governance, making it a complete, easy-to-deploy solution for leveraging unstructured data to drive improved business performance.