Argantic, a renowned Microsoft Solutions Partner, has recently joined the Turrito group of companies. This strategic partnership significantly expands Turrito Networks’ capabilities in Microsoft Cloud environments, enabling it to deliver enhanced value and expertise to its customers.

Brian Timperley

“Integrating Argantic into our group allows us to broaden our skills in the Microsoft stack, an essential component of our service offering. Our customers increasingly require specialised knowledge in various domains, and Argantic’s extensive capabilities make this a perfect match for Turrito Networks,” says Turrito CEO Brian Timperley.

Since its inception in 2016, Argantic, led by industry veterans Garry Ackerman and Richard Shaw, has been a leader in innovative Microsoft solutions for the mid-market.

The company excels in complex cloud migrations and optimising existing cloud environments to meet specific customer needs, whether through cost-efficiency, resilience, or speed enhancements. Argantic’s proficiency in app modernisation and its in-house development team distinguish it from other solution partners.

According to Argantic CEO Garry Ackerman, joining the Turrito Group enables them to expand their reach and support more customers with diverse and complex cloud environments. “Our focus on compliance and security has always been paramount, and the integration of AI in customer environments underscores its importance even more. Partnering with Turrito allows us to further our mission in delivering secure, compliant, and scalable cloud solutions.”

Garry Ackerman

“Both Turrito and Argantic are committed to transforming business processes, enhancing customer experiences, and unlocking unprecedented data insights through AI and the Microsoft Cloud. Argantic’s expertise in designing, building, and deploying secure AI solutions will greatly benefit our combined customer base.”

This partnership is particularly advantageous for IT teams in mid-market and corporate organisations seeking specialised skills and increased capacity across their IT environments. Turrito and Argantic now offer a comprehensive suite of cloud services, including design, consulting, planning, implementation, and support.

“Our combined expertise ensures we can deliver top-tier solutions for cloud migrations, optimisation, security, backup, connectivity, and telecommunications,” Timperley concludes.

The Turrito Group now comprises Turrito Networks, Argantic, Dial a Nerd, CloudGate and CloudWare.

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