Duxbury Networking, a specialised networking distributor since 1984, goes beyond traditional distribution by offering channel partners and their customers a comprehensive suite of solutions.

“Duxbury is not just a box dropper,” says Shamiel Kimmie, CIO of Duxbury Networking. “What sets us apart in today’s competitive landscape is our value-added technical services. Our experience in designing and manufacturing modems grants us a profound understanding of the critical significance of technical support.”

Technical services

Duxbury Networking offers various complimentary and chargeable services to empower its partners and enhance customer experience. These services include:

* Complimentary services: Pre-sales, design, planning, post-sales telephonic support, and training.

* Chargeable services: Site surveys, on-site support, installation, commissioning, and service level agreements.

“Our bespoke service offerings are crafted to not only generate profit, but also to add value to our customers,” says Kimmie. “We empower our partners who may lack the necessary skills or personnel to deliver these services independently. Additionally, we are committed to skill transfer and customer education, enabling them to support our products and offer services that enhance their revenue growth.”

Turnkey solutions

Duxbury Networking’s surveillance turnkey solution is a perfect example of the company’s comprehensive approach.

“Video surveillance has evolved from analogue systems to cutting-edge digital and network-based solutions,” says Kimmie. “We provide solutions that fulfil a customer’s surveillance needs rather than just selling cameras. For us, it is about transforming insights into actionable tools.”

Duxbury’s surveillance solutions include cameras, analytics, VMS, and storage, tailored to meet various customer needs and budgets. This end-to-end offering includes everything from needs analysis, design, implementation, and ongoing support to provide seamless integration and operational success.

“Our differentiation lies in providing complete solutions and services that cover the entire project lifecycle, from needs analysis to design and implementation. We offer free pre-sales, design and planning, and telephonic after-sales services. Additionally, we provide site surveys, installation, commissioning, on-site support, and service level agreements,” adds Kimmie.

Addressing customer pain points

Many channel partners and end-users face network planning and installation challenges due to a lack of skills, experience, or certification. Duxbury Networking addresses these pain points by partnering with customers every step of the way, from needs analysis to execution. Through training, skill development, and knowledge transfer, Duxbury empowers its partners to expand their services and boost their revenue.

“Our commitment to excellence is embodied in our strategic triple C formula: collaboration, communication, and customer engagement. Our team works closely with customers to ensure they select the right products and solutions for their needs. We follow this up with comprehensive implementation and after-sales support, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish,” concludes Kimmie.

Pre-sales services:

* Design and planning of data-centre networks, internet exchanges, LAN, Wi-Fi, wireless networks, SD-WAN, cyber security solutions, surveillance solutions, and cellular network coverage systems.

* Solution/equipment demonstrations in-house or online.

Sales services:

* Quote preparation, client presentations, and webinars.

Post-sales services:

* Site readiness surveys, installation and commissioning, ad hoc support services, flexible pre-purchased support, and service level agreements.