qwerti, a South African managed services provider delivering services to the corporate and consumer markets, has strengthened its partnership with Go Rentals to support its growth and customer service.

Go Rentals, a hardware rental company, is evolving its service offering and this collaboration with qwerti allows them to provide IT support as an added value.

Dominique Yeates, senior product manager: managed services at qwerty, comments: “Go Rentals is a trusted service provider with a solid brand and outstanding service ethos. This has led to customers wanting them to deepen their offerings and provide more services that fit with their needs. Recognising that this could add significant value to their customer service and portfolio, Go Rentals approached us to deliver IT services that complement their portfolio and customer expectations.”

The strategic alignment of services leverages the capabilities of both companies to create a holistic offering that cleverly cross-pollinates their expertise. By adding on this service layer from qwerti, Go Rentals are effectively smoothing out the software wrinkles that often come alongside hardware rentals with a company that has a proven reputation. qwerti will provide software and support services across the whole IT estate from access to applications that are invaluable to customers wanting easier and more accessible technology solutions.

“With the explosion of the ‘as-a-service’ ethos in the IT arena, it was only a matter of time before the hardware environment followed on the heels of the software and cloud offerings,” says Evan Berger, founder and CEO of Go Rentals. “As device-as-a-service started rapidly enlarging its footprint in the South African SME and corporate markets, the demand for complimentary services, like security products for example, has grown to the point where we have now started rolling them out with our device-as-a-service products.”