The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) and the Bundesverband Windenergie eV (BWE) have entered a memorandum of understanding, with the mutual goal of promoting wind energy and advancing renewable energy solutions globally.

“Our shared vision is to foster a thriving wind energy industry that contributes to social, environmental, and economic security. This MoU will enable us to build a robust framework for collaboration, driving progress in the renewable energy sector, in particular wind energy,” says Niveshen Govender, CEO of SAWEA.

Working together under this MoU, the South African and German markets are expected to attract investment and facilitate knowledge exchange, with South Africa learning from Germany’s extensive experience in wind energy technology and infrastructure.

“Together, we aim to make substantial strides towards a sustainable energy future to reinforce our commitment to the South African wind energy market. On the back of our existing national diplomatic ties, this is one of the ways that further support the energy transition and our commitment to climate-friendly energy production in Germany and beyond,” adds Wolfram Axthelm, MD of BWE.

By joining forces, BWE and SAWEA are committed to:

* Capacity Development: Enhancing association management and operational structures.

* Strategic Collaboration: Jointly organising events, disseminating information, and conducting research.

* Operational Assistance: Addressing industry issues and establishing bi-monthly knowledge exchange meetings.

* Technical Support: Providing expertise and support for initiatives and conferences like Windaba Conference & Exhibition or WindEnergy Hamburg.

* Dual Membership: Offering a 10% membership fee discount for members in good standing on a secondary membership with either SAWEA or BWE.