Our client in the Western Cape is seeking an (Intermediate / Senior) Software Engineer (Permanent On Site). You’ll be responsible for working on their integration platform across the .NET 6/7 backend and/or web app front-end (Typescript, React). With a solid track record of up to 5 years prior engineering experience, demonstrating a proven ability to debug complex code.
Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field
  • 5 years development experience in either C# or JS
  • SQL database or relational database skills


  • Development of connectors that leverage streams/iterators in and streams/iterators out.
  • GitHub integration to enable their customers to manage their workflows like code.
  • Baking .NET assemblies from YAML workflow definitions.
  • Azure service integration including Key Vault and Storage.
  • OpenID Connect integration for Microsoft, Google, and others.
  • YAML deployment pipelines under Azure DevOps.
  • SVG-based visual designer.
  • Core platform sub-systems built on .NET 8.
  • Stream-based messaging to support millions of rows or TB of payload.

Desired Skills:

  • .Net 6/7
  • React
  • GitHub
  • Engineering
  • YAML
  • C#

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