The DBSA approved the PaD Programme with the intention of partnering with 15 SA Districts (about 75 Municipalities in the next 3 years to increase sustainable development outcomes in the districts through an integrated programmatic and partnership approach. The role of the Project Manager is to manage and implement multiple projects on behalf of the PaD Programme.


Project & Stakeholder Management

  • Oversee and implement large-scale infrastructure projects involving multiple stakeholders from cradle to completion.
  • Work closely with the Programme Manager in developing operational plan/s for several districts and a variety of PaD projects.
  • Manage allocated projects; the scope of work, delivery schedule, price and contractual conditions whilst building and maintaining relationships with clients, partners, key stakeholders, internal and external specialists.
  • Serve as a key link with the Programme Manager and district/municipality representative in terms of project coordination and implementation.
  • Facilitate and co-ordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the project, including professional service providers (consultants), program partners, contractors, sub-contractors and labour.
  • Supervise and coordinate all project activities, ensuring that all work is completed to high standards of quality and safety
  • Identify and negotiate assignment of resources required for project delivery.
  • Develop and manage project schedules using MS Projects and other project management tools.
  • Manage relationships at various levels with the project stakeholders, partners in accordance with the PaD development objectives and stakeholder relations and communication strategy.
  • Establish and maintain strategic partnerships, networks and alliances aimed at enhancing the Bank’s development support role.

Project Planning & Implementation

  • Develop and implement project work plans and make revisions as and when need arises
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders to develop project plans and designs
  • Confirm project activities for each project are scheduled and agreed with the Programme Manager
  • Prepare and manage all project cost activities
  • Engage and agree all project milestones and deliverables with key stakeholders and clients

Project Control: Cost, Time & Quality

  • Develop and manage project budgets and timelines, ensuring that projects are delivered

on time and within budget for each allocated project.

  • Conduct regular progress and technical meetings with the relevant teams
  • Conduct regular inspection visits to project site(s)

  • Facilitate and ensure that project activities follow the predetermined schedule and critically monitor project milestones

  • Manage project accounting including budget management (contracts), approval of progress payments, tracking of team expenses and minimising the exposure to risk
  • Review, verify and submit invoices/claims of contractors and/or professional service providers to the Programme Manager for approval.
  • Maintain strict adherence to quality and safety standards.
  • Compile project risk register and proactively manage project risk and mitigate as necessary
  • Manage change to the project without unduly affecting the stated objectives and benefits

Project Feedback & Reporting

  • Provide timely feedback to Exco, management, committees client and key stakeholders
  • Monitor and report on project progress, communicating regularly with project stakeholders to keep them informed
  • Action site meeting minutes and action plans
  • Conduct and compile project close out reviews and lessons learnt report.

Project Contract Management

  • Develop and issue contract instructions in accordance with the conditions of the contract (in consultation with the Legal)
  • Monitor performance by identifying and resolving areas of concern
  • Actively manage measure progress against the contract’s performance and ensure adherence to the contract conditions and timelines

Project Commissioning

  • Manage and facilitate the availability of all sites handing over documentation
  • Coordinate the submission of as built drawings and user specifications where applicable
  • Manage and coordinate the close-out phase of the project and ensure compliance
  • Manage audit and compliance queries from stakeholders
  • Complete handover and ensure sign-off by client.

Project Health, Safety & Environmental

  • Implement the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act and any recommendations from audits carried out within the project environment.
  • Assure compliance to the project Environmental Approval (EA) conditions develop a culture of safety and health within the project environment by promoting the aims and benefits of proactive safety and health interventions
  • Conduct effective control, management and follow up of incidents
  • Advise and evaluate contractors on compliance to the approved safety plan and ensure that the Safety, Health & Environmental Standards are adhered to.

Key Measurements of Outputs

  • Successful management and implementation of allocated projects:

o Percentage of performance targets met as per PaD execution plan
o Quality of delivery of projects
o Risks monitored and mitigated

  • Stakeholder/Partners satisfaction on agreed projects
  • Compliance to Health & Safety legislation and protocols
  • Quality of presentations and reports.

  • Clean audit


Minimum Requirements

  • A degree in the Built Environment field or similar
  • A project management qualification and professional accreditation with the Project Management Institute is required at an NQF Level 6.
  • Demonstrated technical experience with Project Management tools such Microsoft Project and Planner
  • A minimum of 8 years’ demonstrated work experience as a Project Manager or similar role
  • Proven track record in managing huge construction projects/built environment in various disciplines
  • Sound knowledge of the JBCC, NEC, GCC and other relevant building contracts
  • Knowledge and understanding of all legislation relevant to the business of DBSA (i.e. PFMA, MFMA, PPPFA, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge and experience in working with local government planning cycle and processes.
  • Demonstrable track record of working with high level government stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the complex regulatory environments of municipalities / metros, state-owned enterprises and other government entities in South Africa.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead complex strategic projects to successful completion

Desirable Requirements

  • Supply chain management and processes



a) Customer Service Orientation

  • Tries to understand the underlying needs of customers and matches these needs to available or customized products and services.
  • Adapts processes and procedures to meet on-going customer needs.
  • Utilises the feedback received by customers, to develop new and/or improve existing services/ products that relate to their on-going needs.
  • Thinks of new ways to align offerings with future customer needs.

b) Self-Awareness and Self Control

  • Withholds effects of strong emotions in difficult situations.
  • Keeps functioning or responds constructively despite stress.
  • May apply special techniques or plan of time to manage emotions or stress.

c)Strategic and Innovative Thinking

  • Experiments with new approaches, tests scenarios, questions assumptions and challenges conventional thinking.
  • Creates new concepts that are not obvious to others, leveraging internal and external sources of information, to build incremental revenue and growth opportunities.

d) Driving Delivery of Results

  • Sets challenging goals that will have a significant impact on the business or support the organisational strategy.
  • Commits significant resources and/or time to ensure that challenging goals are achieved, while also taking action to mitigate risk.

e) Teamwork and Cooperation

  • Acts to promote a friendly climate and good morale and resolves conflicts.
  • Creates opportunities for cross-functional working.
  • Encourages others to network outside of their own team/department and learn from their experience.

Desired Skills:

  • Planning & Organising
  • Presentation Skills
  • Detailed Oriented
  • Solution Focused
  • Project Management
  • Business Acumen

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