MTN South Africa and Huawei have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for strategic cooperation on Net5.5G.

An IP Day Summit themed “Net5.5G Network Development” and co-hosted by the two organisations brought together experts from MTN’s network planning and Huawei’s data communications teams. They discussed global network construction concepts, latest innovative technologies, and business insights in the IP field, aiming to further improve MTN’s network resilience and service experience.

Through the MoU, MTN and Huawei will jointly promote the large-scale application of key capabilities of Net5.5G, such as 400GE, SRv6, slicing, and the Network Digital Map, to continuously improve MTN’s service experience and network availability in the mobile and B2B fields, and improve its O&M efficiency.

Rami Farah, chief technology officer of MTN SA, says innovation is important for MTN and forms a key pillar in MTN network strategy.

Zoltan Miklos, GM: access planning and architecture at MTN SA, adds that healthy and stable networks have long been the focus of MTN. He points out that the application of SRv6 and Network Digital Map has helped MTN build an IP transport network with optimal experience.

He notes that, in the cloud and 5G era, MTN still faces a range of challenges in terms of service and network operations, security, reliability, and other areas, and the company looks forward to deepening co-operation with Huawei.

Feng Su, president of Huawei’s IP marketing and solution sales department, emphasises that Net5.5G is the future of IP networks and that Huawei has made long-term investments in ultra-broadband products, network servitisation, network intelligence, and more.

He adds that Huawei looks forward to helping MTN build a leading IP transport network featuring ultra-broadband, high reliability, and ultimate experience so as to help MTN achieve greater business success.

Xu Huan, vice-president of metro router domain of Huawei’s data communication product line, explains that Huawei will work with MTN to accelerate the commercial use of the next-generation IP transport network under the guidance of the Net5.5G target network.

According to the MoU, MTN and Huawei will continue to define the Net5.5G target network and support the sustainable development of MTN’s mobile, enterprise, and home broadband services. The co-operation is expected to accelerate the implementation of new technologies and applications in the region, and drive the sustainable development of regional carriers.