Sizwe Africa IT Group has a vacancy for an IT Project Manager, based at our Sizwe Samrand, Gauteng offices. The purpose of the position is to manage and execute projects from inception to completion, according to project management fundamentals. Focus on defining tools and processes to support organizational objectives. The key objective is to manage the implementation of project deliverables within the Sizwe Group’s internal and external client base.

Recruitment for this position will be conducted with the intention of progressing our employment equity policy, targets and objectives.

Due to the volume of CV responses, should you not receive a response within the next two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

  • Minimum 5 (five) years managerial experience in a similar environment;
  • Minimum 3 years in Project Management and ICT environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of the corporate identity of the organisation and the governance mechanisms utilised to govern the corporate identity
  • Knowledge and understanding of the company policies and procedures applicable to the specific work environment to ensure that work outcomes are compliant to the policies and procedures
  • Knowledge to engineer finance for projects i.e. to determine financial models for large projects
  • Knowledge and understanding of the relevant ISO 9000 procedures applicable to the specific work environment to ensure that work outcomes are ISO 9000 compliant
  • The ability to define, scope, plan and execute projects according to international project management methodology
  • The ability to apply the principles of recruitment and selection to successfully source and retain competent staff
  • The ability to utilise qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to conduct research related to a specific topic
  • The ability to be firm in all situations without sacrificing principles
  • The ability to determine deadlines and execute outputs accordingly without exceeding target dates
  • The ability to be trusted to do what is expected in terms of work outcome
  • The ability to think at a strategic level within all business situations and therefore eliminating operational and tactical issues
  • The ability to perform as part of a team to meet business requirements and deliver on outputs
  • Acting in a way that gains goodwill and prevents offensive feelings
  • Implement OHS to improve safety of environment
  • Take decision on selection of project team members
  • Overtime Work will be required on an Ad-Hoc Basis
  • Valid driver’s license.

Project Management

  • Implement Project Quality
  • Consult the project quality control mechanisms to ensure adequate quality control application across project time span
  • Conduct quality assurance in accordance with set schedules to ensure that the project deliverables adhere to set standards
  • Execute activities in accordance with the project plan to ensure that the project deliverables conform to set specifications
  • Implement project quality process within predefined time schedules
  • Implement project quality in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
  • Complete project implementation management actions within allocated time frames
    Procure Project Requirements
  • Determine the project requirements in accordance with deliverables
  • Submit the necessary requisitions for procurement purposes
  • Procure the necessary requirements in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Submit all procurement documentation to the Procurement Manager for processing
  • Archive the relevant procurement documentation
  • Procure requirements in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
  • Procure requirements within allocated time frames
    Facilitation of Project Interventions
  • Facilitate Project Interventions
  • Identify the need for a project intervention during the management of the project; or
  • A project intervention is arranged in accordance with the project schedule
  • Analyse the objectives of the project intervention to determine the best suitable methodology to be utilised; or
  • Define the objectives of the project intervention in accordance with the stated needs and requirements
  • Secure the appropriate resources in accordance with the nature of the intervention (Venue, Finance, Audio)
  • Compile the project intervention material in accordance with the objectives and requests; or
  • Distribute pre-project intervention material to the attendants where applicable
  • Create a climate conducive to learning/performance to ensure that objectives are achieved
  • Facilitate the project intervention in accordance with the stated objectives and the decided methodology
  • Continuously evaluate progress in the most appropriate methodology to ensure that the objectives are achieved
  • Additional intervention is effected where applicable
  • Evaluate the intervention to ensure that the quality management objectives are achieved
  • Inform the relevant role players of the outcome of the project intervention
  • The appropriate accreditation/registration/licensing is activated where necessary
  • Document the results of the project intervention for future reference purposes
  • Facilitate project interventions in accordance with policies, procedures, and legal requirements
  • Conclude facilitation actions within the allocated upon time frames
    Stakeholder Relations Management
  • Identify the relevant role players in accordance with business requirements and dependencies
  • Manage supplier relationships:
  • Engage in discussions to determine roles and responsibilities and possible areas of cooperation, improvement and conflict
  • Review contracts to ensure expected outcomes from all parties are addressed
  • Monitor the performance of suppliers to ensure that the agreements are honoured
  • Provide feedback/input to Line Manager;
  • Identifying and developing new opportunities with clients;
  • Obtaining customer acceptance of project deliverables;
  • Ensure open communication with regard to customer satisfaction within the project (including transition period)
    Project Execution
  • Consult and coordinate with all respective team members to ensure that all parties are in agreement with the project plan, requirements, deadlines and schedules – to determine the relevant deliverables and project management process in terms of
  • Project definition and Scope
  • Project plan
  • Quality
  • Budget
  • Human resources
  • Integration management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement management
  • Communication management
  • Execute the project in accordance with project planning
  • Ensure that the delivery of new products or services from the project is to the appropriate level of quality, on time and within budget, in accordance with the project plan and project governance arrangements
  • Ensure quality assurance and overall integrity of the project – focus inwardly on the internal consistency of the project and outwardly on its coherence with infrastructure planning and interfaces with other programs
  • Ensure efficient allocation of common resources and skills within the project portfolio
  • Manage communication with all stakeholders
  • Resolve issues and take corrective action wherever gaps in the program are identified or issues arise
  • Manage risks to ensure the successful delivery of the project
  • Manage CSSQ (cost, schedule, scope and quality)
  • Report progress of the project at regular intervals to the project director
  • Sign-off the project deliverables in accordance with the project plan.
  • Close the project in accordance with the project plan.
  • Sign-off all project completion certification and accept delivery in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Conduct a project review meeting at the closure to determine efficiency and to record possible points for ease of future projects.
  • Compile the project file containing all relevant information and archive for future reference purposes.
  • Manage Sub-Project in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
  • Manage Sub-Project within the allocated time frames

Desired Skills:

  • PMP
  • Prince2 Practitioner

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years IT Project Administration / Management

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Grade 12 / Matric

About The Employer:

Sizwe Africa IT Group is a BBBEE Level 1 Company.

Employer & Job Benefits:

  • Provident Fund

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