To design, maintain and optimise FIC’s databases and its data to meet the business requirements while ensuring the security, compliance, and availability of data to the FIC’s operations.

• Requirements gathering – through engagement with business i.e., collect, document, and review business requirements.
• Database design and development – design, develop and implement complex, scalable, reliable and performing databases and data structures meeting business requirements.
• Database programming – proficiency in writing complex T-SQL queries to support business operations.
• Database maintenance and performance optimisation – ensure optimisation of database performance and maintain high level of availability ensuring the systems are accessible to the users when required. Install and configure database management systems (DBMS) ensuring that the DBMS can handle the FIC’s data requirements.
• Database security – define and implement security controls and security policies and procedures are implemented.
• Compliance and regulations – Ensure compliance with the policies, processes, procedures and applicable standards and data laws and regulations (e.g. POPIA) in order to minimise downtime and risk of data losses. Define and implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) and database monitoring procedures to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the database management system including proper handling of patch management and updates.
• Capacity planning – plan for future growth and ensure that the databases and systems can scale to meet increasing demands.
• Backup and recovery – develop and implement backup and recovery plans to ensure that the databases and systems can be recovered quickly in the event of disaster or disruptions.
• Data Migration – perform complex data migrations between diffferent data sources and ensure data quality, integrity and curated data are implemented successfully.
• Data lake administration- administer the data lake platform.
• Data Architecture design – contribute and provide input in designing of the overall data architecture of the FIC’s databases including selection of database management systems/platforms.
• User Support – provide support to users who may encounter issues emanating from the database.
• Technical writing – develop and maintain comprehensive technical documentation and related technical specifications. Defining policies, procedures, etc.
• Data governance – understand of data governance principles and the ability to implement data governance processes and policies to ensure data integrity and security.
• Service provider management – manage relationship with service providers’ providing data related services to the FIC.
• Project management – adhere to project management standards and techniques in the line of work.
• Risk Management – raise and provide mitigations/ remediations timeously.
• Technical Leadership and Mentoring – guide and supporting junior resources on data related tasks to ensure that the team is effective and efficient. Lead and review database admistration activities and assign tasks to database administration team
• Cloud database administration – administer cloud-based database management system.

• National diploma in ICT
• Certification in MSSQL database administration
• Database design and development – plus five (5) year experience in design, develop and implement complex, scalable, reliable, and performing databases.
• Database programming – plus five (5) year experience programming in T-SQL.
• Database maintenance and performance optimisation – plus five (5) year experience using MSSQL.
• Database security – plus five (5) year experience in database security configurations and implementations using MSSQL.
• Backup and recovery – plus five (5) year experience in backup and recovery planning and implementations using MSSQL.
• Capacity planning – plus five (5) year experience.
• User Support – plus five (5) year experience in user support.
• Compliance and regulations – minimum three (3) year experience in implementation of necessary controls to ensure compliance.
• Data Migration – plus five (5) year experience.
• Technical writing – plus five (5) year experience writing technical documents.
• Data governance – plus two (2) year experience in data governance implementations.
• Requirements gathering – plus two (2) year experience in data requirements gathering.
• Project management – plus two (2) year experience in data project.
• Risk Management – plus two (2) year experience in data project.
• Technical Leadership and Mentoring – plus two (2) year experience in guiding and supporting junior resources.
• Data Architecture design – knowledge of data architecture design.
• Service provider management – an experience in managing service providers is an advantage.
• Data lake administration- knowledge of administering the data lake platform is an advantage.
• Cloud database administration – experience in administering cloud-based database management system is an advantage.

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