Acer has started producing monitors in South Africa as part of its localisation strategy.

The new monitor production programme aims to significantly contribute to job creation in South Africa’s technology sector.

Additionally, the company recognises that providing affordable access to technology is essential for economic growth and social development. Producing monitors in South Africa makes the technology accessible while maintaining affordability, quality, and performance.

Glenn Du Toit, Acer Africa’s country manager, comments: “Our competition isn’t just other monitor manufacturers; it’s the war in support of technology literacy.”

He says that in today’s digital landscape, every effort to enhance access to technology matters. “As laptop computers become more and more compact, even at the entry price points, monitors play a crucial role in enabling individuals to have a larger, often better quality and even more healthy experience in their home or office. Quality monitor displays can reduce eye strain and allow users to experience less fatigue.

“We also need to acknowledge that not all monitors are of the same high standards as there are some cheap panels available. These are not as easy on the eyes as the Acer ranges will be.”

The product launch timeline is as follows:

* Consumer Monitors: Acer’s range of consumer monitors, including 24-inch and 27-inch 100Hz IPS monitors, is set to launch in August 2024.
* Commercial Monitors: The commercial range will follow, with production slated for September 2024.
* Gaming Monitors: This will be in the final phase of Acer’s local assembly plans and will feature 27-inch 180Hz monitors.

Acer’s initiative has garnered support from national retailers and channel partners. “Supporting the South African local economy seems to resonate well with our partners, it really bodes well for the future,” Du Toit says.

All Acer monitors produced locally will carry a three-year warranty.