Tablet conversion rates have surged to 2,7%, exceeding those of both desktops and smartphones, according to new data from Stocklytics.

This unexpected finding suggests that tablets are finding a sweet spot with consumers, potentially becoming a key player in online shopping.

The site’s financial analyst, Edith Reads, comments: “Tablets might be filling a gap between desktops and phones. Tablets offer a larger screen than phones for a more immersive browsing experience, yet remain portable and convenient compared to desktops.

“Additionally, advancements in tablet technology might all be leading to a smoother user experience that facilitates higher conversion.”

Mobile devices and desktops hold the most significant market share over tablets, with the two leading at 62,5% and 35,02%, respectively, while the latter settles at a mere 2,5%.

However, desktop and mobile devices fell behind tablets in conversion rates in the first quarter of the year, trailing at 2,2% and 2%, respectively.

Initially, desktop conversions were the highest, peaking over 3% in February 2023, but they experienced a significant decline, stabilizing below 2,5% by October before a sharp spike at the end of November 2023, followed by another decline.