A new survey has crowned Instagram as the world’s favourite social media platform – garnering twice as many votes as TikTok with 16,5% of the vote, according to Stocklytics.com.

“Meta’s dedicated investment in enhancing its social media platforms appears to be yielding results, with Instagram capturing widespread public attention,” says Edith Reads, financial analyst at Stocklytics. “In contrast, TikTok’s lower popularity compared to Instagram is primarily due to ongoing controversies surrounding its security risks and the bans imposed in various countries.

“TikTok and Instagram resonate more with younger audiences than other platforms,” Reads says. “However, they differ significantly in content focus, advertising models, and algorithmic designs.

“Instagram focuses on photo and long-form video sharing, while TikTok specialises in short-form video content,” adds Reads. “TikTok’s algorithm tailors content to users’ interests, whereas Instagram prioritises accounts with which users interact most.”