Inq is providing Mimecast with the services needed to peer at NAPAfrica in Teraco Isando, enabling reliable routing and the free exchange of traffic with Africa’s largest Internet exchange community.

Inq connects more than 1 200 of the continent’s largest corporations across nine countries. It is prominent for its IP and business-rendering ICT and Cloud solutions and services including Edge AI and IoT, Fabric, SDN/NFV and Elastic Edge.

“We are excited to be part of Mimecast’s journey by creating peering capability at NAPAfrica. This will provide Mimecast’s clients with the best possible experience and access to their portfolio of solutions,” says Ralph Berndt, sales and marketing director at inq SA.

Located within Teraco, NAPAfrica is the continent’s largest Internet aggregation point.

Michele McCann, head of platforms at Teraco, says: “This peering allows community members to enjoy lower-cost access and lower latency to a variety of advanced services.”