The Product Solution Architect is primarily responsible for the following:
• Designing technical solutions that best meets the need of the Customer and Adapt IT, while considering the available technology frameworks, skills, and resources.
• Performing technical assessments of new business opportunities, including RFPs and RFIs.
• Meet with existing and potential customers to understand their requirements and to design and document an appropriate solution.
• Support Business Development & Marketing by providing technical input to enable the generation of technical marketing material.
• Research, identify , select and test technology products required for solutions delivery.

Primary Responsibilities for the Role

Design software solutions / systems

· Ability to design, document, and communicate complex systems.

· Assess outputs from Adapt IT delivery teams to assure deliverables satisfy quality standards.

· Collaborate with internal subject matter experts and technical architects to devise client solutions.

· Determine technical risk and issues and suggest mitigation options.

· Outline the components required in building or enhancing a new module or system.

· Document and record designs and design decisions taken.

· Reviewing existing system architecture and recommending improvements and participating in engineering reviews to determine any ambiguities.

· Understand and can lead cloud native architectures projects.

Build solutions / systems

  • Liaise with software development engineers to develop and implement design concepts that are following fundamental user requirements.
  • Explain the architecture of a system and assist developers in building the proposed module or system.
  • Ensuring that architectural solutions met technical and functional requirements.
  • Provide supervision and guidance to development teams.
  • Diagnosing issues and resolving them on demand.

Research, identify, select and test technology

  • Continually researching the current and emerging technologies and proposing changes where needed.

Commercial feasibility

  • Create solutions leveraging Adapt IT capabilities to address client needs.
  • Draw up technical and commercial proposals and pricing models for innovative solutions.
  • Develop ROI and economic models to justify investments in Adapt IT proposed solutions stacks.
  • Prepare cost & effort estimates for a system design.
  • Assess the impact of technical choices on profitability.
  • Update management on product development processes, costs, and budgets.
  • Lean start-up approaches to product development

Support Business Development & Marketing

· Prepare technical sales presentations including service offerings and case studies.

· Create solutions leveraging Adapt IT capabilities to address client needs

· Coordinate with Business Development to support sales objectives.

· Assist in responding to RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs.


Client engagement

· Engage with new and existing customers to collect requirements.

Key Competencies

Technical / Technology Skills

  • Engineering and software architecture design.
  • Project management experience.
  • In-depth understanding of coding languages (Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, C#,.Net Core).
  • Sound knowledge of various operating systems and databases.
  • IT infrastructure and cloud development.
  • DevOps
  • Project and Product Management
  • Familiarity with Design Thinking
  • Cloud native architectures

Interpersonal skills

  • Uses effective interpersonal and communication skills to gain acceptance of and commitment to plans, ideas and initiatives.
  • Shares important and relevant information.
  • Gains the cooperation, trust and support of others.
  • Seeks a win/win solution with the minimization of a compromise.
  • Communicates in a positive manner resulting in action.
  • Focuses energy on finding solutions rather than blaming others.
  • Acknowledges others’ contributions.

Skills development

  • Actively develop individual skills and abilities to fulfill a job role more effectively
  • Make use of opportunities for the development of skills provided.

Strategic Effectiveness

  • Views situations from multiple perspectives
  • Brainstorms and evaluates multiple solutions/ approaches.
  • Open-mindedness, unconstrained in thought and approach not accepting the existing status quo, views and assumptions.
  • Explore multiple and diverse resources to find solutions.

Living the Values

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable policies, regulations, standards and governance requirements
  • Treating all people fairly and consistently, and with dignity and respect
  • Being ethical, honest and sensitive in all dealings
  • Taking corrective action to address inappropriate decisions or actions

Leading Self

  • Taking ownership for own performance and decisions and their impact on the business
  • Demonstrating tenacity and resilience even when faced with obstacles
  • Seeking opportunities for personal feedback, learning and development
  • Acting decisively when tough or quick action is required

Managing Change

  • Constructively challenging the status quo to improve performance
  • Creating an appropriate sense of urgency for change
  • Actively engaging others in the vision and purpose of change and influencing the change process
  • Maintaining focus and seeing change through to completion
  • Recognizing and celebrating progress in implementing change

Minimum Requirements

  • 10 years of professional experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.

Desired Skills:

  • Design
  • Build
  • research

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