Superbalist has expanded its payment options through a new partnership with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider PayJustNow.

“A growing number of South African customers across the income spectrum are seeking better online shopping experiences, greater convenience and more value in their purchases, driving high demand for interest-free BNPL payments that align with their monthly salary cycle,” says Craig Newborn, CEO of PayJustNow.

According to Newborn, the app drove over 23-million referrals to different retailers in 2023. He adds that the platform is attracting a greater proportion of high net-worth consumers – 40% of PayJustNow’s customers are within the top two categories of Experian’s Financial Affluence Segmentation Tool: Luxury Living and Aspirational Achievers.

Data shows these customers use the platform to shop for a range of big-ticket items including appliances, furniture and fashion, branded or boutique fashion apparel, and specialised homeware.

“We’ve seen an overwhelming response from our existing customer base since launch, and we’ve attracted a whole new cohort of customers. It’s clear that Superbalist is a welcome addition to our stellar base of retailers, driven by customer demand,” says Newborn.

“Since adding PayJustNow, we’ve seen an increase in our checkout completion rate. This solution has also afforded our customers greater freedom and more spending power,” says Grant Paul Roy, Superbalist’s chief product and marketing officer. “We’ve also seen excellent customer acquisitions with 20% of our first-time buyers making use of PayJustNow as a BNPL solution. We’re very happy with the performance of this partnership.”

Superbalist customers can choose the PayJustNow option at checkout, where they can also sign up if not already registered, to use the payment option. Within minutes they are credit vetted and can complete a purchase.

Alternatively, they can download and sign up via the PayJustNow app and browse its growing retail base and accompanying deals.