Internal IT teams face a multitude of unique challenges, requiring specialised skills and experience to address specific needs. Traditional IT systems, which are often rigid and expensive to modify, only intensify these issues.

The pressure to rapidly adapt infrastructure and systems to meet evolving business demands can be overwhelming. In response, Turrito has acquired Argantic, a highly respected Microsoft Solutions Partner, to provide a broader and more flexible range of support.

This strategic collaboration significantly enhances the capabilities of internal IT teams by providing the specialised skills and experience needed exactly when required.

The combined expertise empowers IT departments to tackle a wider range of challenges, including Microsoft cloud, app modernisation, compliance and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Internal IT teams encounter unique and constantly changing challenges that demand specialised skills and expertise for specific needs and at particular times,” says Richard Shaw, co-founder of Argantic. “The synergy between Turrito and Argantic enables us to address these issues directly, offering a broader and deeper range of skills whenever they are required.”

Aaron Thornton, chief services officer of Turrito Networks, highlights the critical nature of efficient IT resource management for mid-market organisations. “These organisations often lack the extensive in-house IT resources needed to manage complex environments effectively. One of our roles is to provide the specific skills required, only for as long as they’re needed.

“The partnership offers specific and advanced support services only where they’re required, alleviating the burden on internal IT teams. This could include project assistance, management, monitoring, or ongoing optimisation of IT resources, allowing IT teams to concentrate on core activities.”