“Intelligent technologies are fast approaching, driving us to constantly innovate networking technologies so as to better embrace business changes.” That was the message from Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line during his keynote at Huawei Africa Connect 2024, which took place in Johannesburg this week.

The event, which was themed “Accelerate Industrial Intelligence” also saw Huawei introduces the Xinghe Intelligent Network Solution based on the Net5.5G target architecture, with the aim of accelerating industrial intelligence and building, “a solid bridge to the intelligent world.”

Today, intelligent transformation initiatives and upgrades are gaining momentum across the globe, with Southern African countries actively exploring their own roads to digital and intelligent transformation. In the fast-approaching intelligent era, networks are one of the most important pieces of ICT infrastructure. To usher in the intelligent era, the entire industry has reached a preliminary consensus that the next generation of data communication networks is Net5.5G. Wang said that, with the advent of the intelligent network era, Huawei has launched the Xinghe Intelligent Network Solution to help all industries stride towards Net5.5G and accelerate their intelligent journeys.

Among the solution’s key offerings are the Xinghe Intelligent Campus, Xinghe Intelligent Fabric, Xinghe Intelligent WAN, and Xinghe Intelligent Network Security.

  • Xinghe Intelligent Campus: Huawei’s all-scenario Wi-Fi 7 products double the wireless signal strength and increase the number of concurrent users by 50%. Additionally, Huawei’s audio and video assurance solution, unique in the industry, intelligently identifies and prioritises audio and video applications to ensure an always-optimal experience. To enhance wireless network security, Huawei launched Wi-Fi Shield technology, ensuring robust wireless network security.
  • Xinghe Intelligent Fabric: By leveraging AI Turbo and a network scale load balancing (NSLB) algorithm, Xinghe Intelligent Fabric performs intelligent optimisation for network-wide load balancing. This achieves over 98% high link utilisation on average. Additionally, Xinghe Intelligent Fabric ensures link and device-level switchovers within milliseconds, as well as network-level switchovers within seconds. The three-level fast switchovers efficiently unleash intelligent computing power.
  • Xinghe Intelligent WAN: Drawing on intelligent algorithms, Xinghe Intelligent WAN intelligently schedules tens of millions of service flows on the entire network, and flexibly adjusts service bandwidth on demand. Furthermore, latency-based path selection and end-to-end network slicing ensure efficient data transmission. By empowering network devices with AI, Xinghe Intelligent WAN can self-learn application traffic behavior, detect traffic exceptions in seconds, and deliver optimal application experience.
  • Xinghe Intelligent Network Security: With the Xinghe Intelligent Network Security solution, enterprises benefit from integrated intelligent security protection across clouds, networks, edges, and endpoints. More specifically, the security brain on the cloud automatically handles 99% security events in a closed-loop approach. In particular, four security engines leverage AI algorithms to detect threats with 99.95% accuracy. Additionally, the industry’s first two-dimensional threat graph engine enables parallel threat detection, with the ransomware detection rate reaching 100%.

Huawei also unveiled an extensive range of Xinghe Intelligent Industry Network solutions to meet the unique needs of diverse industries such as public services, finance, and electric power. Other key announcements include complete cost-effective distribution solutions and products, enabling small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enjoy intelligent services easily and conveniently.

The intelligent era calls for intelligent networks. With this in mind, Huawei will continue to lead the development of intelligent networks and innovate its Xinghe Intelligent Network products and solutions, thereby accelerating digital-intelligent transformation in Southern Africa.


Featured picture: Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line