We are seeking X2 Senior Managed Service Solution Architects who will play a pivotal role within iOCO; being responsible for crafting comprehensive and innovative solutions in response to client requirements, particularly those outlined in Request for Proposals (RFPs) and client engagements. This role requires a deep understanding of managed services, a solid technical background, and exceptional technical and business writing skills. The ideal candidate must have the ability to present solutions effectively to diverse audiences and coordinate with various subject matter experts to deliver high-quality response documents.

What you’ll do:

Solution Development

  • The Solution Architecting Team is responsible for delivering solutions proposals that consist of the following;
  • Executive Summary: Craft compelling executive summaries that succinctly convey the value proposition and high-level overview of the proposed
  • Solution Summary: Develop detailed solution summaries that provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed managed services, ensuring alignment with client requirements.
  • Solution Design: Design innovative and effective solutions that address client needs, incorporating best practices and leveraging the latest technologies and
  • Risks: Identify potential risks associated with the proposed solutions and develop mitigation strategies to address them.
  • Assumptions: Clearly outline any assumptions made during the solution design process to ensure transparency and set accurate
  • Commercials: Prepare detailed commercial proposals, including pricing, cost analysis, and financial justification for the proposed

Coordination and Collaboration

  • The Solution Architecting Team is responsible to deliver solutions proposals by;
  • Collocation of Information: Collaborate with subject matter experts from various disciplines to gather necessary information and insights for the solution development
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with clients and internal stakeholders to understand requirements, present solutions, and address any questions or concerns.

Your Expertise:

Technical expertise

  • The Solution Architecting Team is responsible for delivering solutions proposals by having;
  • Managed Services Knowledge: Leverage extensive experience and knowledge of managed services to design solutions that meet or exceed client
  • Technical Background: Utilise a strong technical background, preferably gained from working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), to inform solution design and ensure technical feasibility.

Communication and presentation

  • The Solution Architecting Team is responsible to deliver solutions proposals by possessing expert-level skills in;
  • Technical Writing: Produce high-quality technical documentation that clearly and accurately describes the proposed
  • Business Writing: Develop business documentation, including proposals and presentations, that effectively communicate the value and benefits of the proposed
  • Presentations: Confidently present solutions to clients and internal stakeholders, articulating the technical and business benefits in a clear and persuasive

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology-related programme or IT Architecture Standards/Framework certified (TOGAF, ITIL Design etc.)
  • Preferred:

    • Relevant certifications in IT infrastructure, cloud solutions, or related fields such as Cyber Security.

Function related experience:

  • Identify and investigate opportunities for iOCO Infrastructure Services through Sales or Bid Office
  • Engage clients, determine business problems, provide solutions and pricing in line with client’s business requirements
  • Audit, understand, and solution the services that will be delivered out of the Infrastructure Services infrastructure, building out into a consumption-based pricing model
  • Sales and Bid Office processes with solutions inputs, including but not limited to: Governance, Risk, Compliance and Business Risk Compliance.
  • Engage with iOCO Infrastructure Services and tech pre-sales
  • from internal BU or other divisions (if required) to deliver on the client business requirements
  • Provide solutions approach (i.e. options) and timelines for the Technical Solution and Pricing Sections of the proposals
  • Work with the Transformation team to identify internal and client facing transformation initiatives and work with implementation teams to deliver a successful outcome
  • Prepare final proposals and pricing for review with Infrastructure Services stakeholders
  • Submit proposals to sales, follow up and provide feedback to the teams involved

Other information applicable to the opportunity:

  • Permanent Position
  • Location: Gauteng – Hybrid
  • Work Environment: Work within a leading managed service provider environment with highly skilled engineers, project teams, and solutions architects who serve well-known brands as our clients.
  • Travel: Ad-hoc travel to client sites and iOCO office locations

Why work for us?

If the daily grind makes you wonder if there’s more to life than work, get ready to discover a professional journey that embraces excellence without compromise.

You’ve arrived at iOCO Infrastructure Services (iOCO IS), where we are all about delivering outstanding client experiences through sustainable, innovative IT infrastructure solutions that tackle business challenges head-on. Here you get to partner with clients, helping them conquer their business Goliaths while they focus on scaling their empires.

At our core, we’re challengers, disruptors, and innovators. We’re a community of skilled professionals with an ambitious spirit dedicated to providing for our clients while finding joy in the process. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Their satisfaction fuels our fire and propels us forward. We’re talking about brainstorming sessions that sound like TED talks and spontaneous celebrations for achievements, big and small.

Desired Skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Authenticity
  • Partnership
  • Ingenuity
  • Mastery

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