Legal Interact has been named Global Microsoft Partner of the Year in the category of Inclusion Changemaker. The award recognises Legal Interact’s pioneering efforts in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to transform legal services and its integration of Microsoft technologies into its solutions.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognises Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. Legal Interact’s My AI Lawyer won recognition for using Microsoft Azure, generative AI and conversational AI to empower individuals with instant legal advice.

My AI Lawyer is an AI-powered chatbot with a co-pilot approach. It is designed to provide efficient and affordable legal support through WhatsApp. Available 24/7, My AI Lawyer empowers individuals with instant legal advice, ensuring access to professional assistance anytime, anywhere. When necessary, users are seamlessly transitioned to human legal professionals from Legal & Tax for further assistance.

“My AI Lawyer democratises access to justice for those who need it. Securing the Inclusion Changemaker award marks a pivotal moment for us, celebrating our dedication to leveraging technology for social good and our mission to make legal services universally accessible,” says Raphael Segal, director of Legal Interact.

“This recognition underscores the impact of our work and our commitment to innovation and inclusivity. My AI Lawyer has significantly improved access to legal advice, with a 70% satisfaction rating for legal queries resolved. We thank our incredible team, our partners at Microsoft and our clients for their support and making this achievement possible.”

Looking ahead, Legal Interact plans to expand My AI Lawyer to reach more people and enhance its capabilities. The roadmap includes:

* Expanding content and resources: Including legal collateral and standard letters in multiple languages.

* Localising for African markets outside South Africa: Tailoring the solution for different legal systems and languages.

* Improving AI accuracy: Enhancing the AI to handle complex legal scenarios better.

* Enhancing accessibility features: For users with visual or hearing impairments.

* Integration into telecommunication and employee health platforms.