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Gartner Symposium, held this week in Cape Town, was the first on the research company’s world tour. Brand new research findings were presented for the first time, with concepts like the bimodal business, algorithmic business and the digital workplace about to become part of business’s strategic planning going forward.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) from China into Africa has boosted the continent’s infrastructure and changing the way other players do business here. The total level of external financial inflows into Africa has increased from $40,4-billion in 2000 to $192-billion in 2013. This is largely attributed to the inward FDI from China with investment mainly going into primary resource sectors and infrastructure.

XON is offering a locally-developed environment that will let network operators offer their customers virtual software-defined network (SDN) services on-demand. The system will let end user customers simply select networking services from a catalogue. They will be automatically provisioned and deployed, giving users all the benefits of an SDN without having to invest in any physical infrastructure at all.

The biggest challenges facing human capital management and HR practitioners include becoming a strategic partner in business and securing employee engagement. This emerged at the annual HR Summit and Expo Africa 2015, where delegates voted on the biggest challenge facing HR today: 42% cited employee engagement and 26% said developing new leaders. Issues such as attracting and retaining new talent, and getting C-suite buy-in to HR initiatives, were each rated as a top challenge by 16% of delegates.

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