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Saturday 9 August marked National Women’s Day in South Africa, and women in business have been making headlines this week. A CareerJunction study shows that, on average, women are paid less than their male counterparts – despite more than 50% of female job-seekers having a tertiary education. However, The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) has noticed a 15% increase in the number of female members over the past two years – and CareerJunction notes that 40% of entrepreneurs are women. The Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa aims to honour women such as these, and in keeping with this has announced the Businesswoman of the Year Award finalists for 2014.

The future of TV in Africa was brought into the spotlight this week as the 2015 deadline to switch off analogue terrestrial TV signals looms. IBM is also in the news, having unveiled their first neurosynaptic computer chip – one which mimics the brain, and takes a significant step towards bringing cognitive computers to society.

And finally, technology is so pervasive that it has even come to fast food joints. KFC has announced that they have rolled out digital menus in 608 of their stores – making takeaways that much more convenient.

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