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The rapid growth and disruptive nature of video-on-demand (VoD) is not only an opportunity for African telecom operators, but is also a chance for content producers and distributors to grow their revenues and leapfrog the competition. The VoD market is gaining traction as emerging economies see an increase in disposable income; however, companies that wish to seize this opportunity need to adopt a strategic approach.

A high court ruling against Cell C made headlines this week, after Judge Sharise Weiner dismissed an urgent application by the telecoms operator against a banner critical of service at one of its retail outlets. According to Cell C, the verdict has far-reaching consequences for business in South Africa.

And finally, in a world first, ESA’s Rosetta mission soft-landed its Philae probe on a comet. The probe will attempt to retrieve data about the texture and microstructure of the comet’s surface. This is the first time in history that such a feat has been achieved – and the first time that interested parties were able to follow a space mission live on Twitter.

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