Kathy Gibson is at Dell EMC Partner Summit in Cape Town – Every organisation has security at top of mind, and CIOs are grappling with the challenge of implementing digital transformation while keeping it secure.

Hein Kern, who looks after the RSA business in South Africa, explains that security transformation is a vital leg in the business transformation journey.

“Digital transformation is possibly the biggest risk that businesses can take,” he says.

Gartner believes that 60% of organisations will suffer losses as they modernise their IT infrastructures.

Malice is a big factor, Kern says. Companies spend millions on security but hacks are still happening.

“The by-product of digital transformation is putting huge stress on organisations,” he says.

IT, security and GRC (governance, risk and compliance) teams are all under pressure to reassure the board that they are prepared to prevent breaches, and respond effectively when they happen.

“We understand there are amazing security solutions in the world,” Kern says. “But you have to be able to tie it into the business – because it is a business problem these days.”

Importantly, security has to be across the board, and manageable from one central place.

The critical domains for managing these complex challenges are security operations, risk management and user access.

Today, security and risk management is not just about detection and prevention, but about how companies respond to a breach as well

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